Friday, November 9, 2007

A Special Award!

I "stumbled" upon a lovely blog last night while just wandering around some favorite blogs........... do you do that? You go to one of your favorite blogs, and look at some of their favorites, and try clicking on a few you have not yet heard of? Well, I love to do this, and have found some really wonderful blogs this way! And, well, when I happened upon this one, it just made my heart sing.......... Not only was this a lovely blog, BUT..... I heard my first Christmas song of the Season.......... And so, I would like to award my brand new "Golly Jolly Santa" award to JULIE of "Nunnie's Attic" because "Golly, she makes me Jolly!"

If you have not met Julie yet, or seen her lovely blog, please click on her name above to check it out...... And, if you see a special blog that brings you a bit of the loving Christmas spirit, please feel free to pass along my "Golly Jolly Santa Button" to them!

DAY 7: I am thankful this day for Santa Claus.....Children.......... and the definite loving Christmas Spirit in the air!


T*mmy said...

I love her blog and think it is wonderful that you've bestowed that cute little award!

You have a lovely blog too!

Have a wonderful day!

Nunnie's Attic said...

Thank you so much!! I am truly honored. You have no idea how much that means to me. I'm getting all choked up.

Did you enter my giveaway??


Pearl Maple said...

How sweet of you to create this special blog award. From the looks of the posts, you have lots of lovely bloggers visiting your space here. You have created such a nice little nook here full of all kinds of lovely things.

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