Thursday, November 15, 2007



American Cancer Society
Discovery Shop!

it is a local thrift store,

and I love shopping there.

I love thrift stores, period. I love the concept, I love that I can find the most wonderful treasures while supporting a worthwhile cause....

you can find some of the most amazing things there....truly!

Often I just find myself in awe of my incredible luck finding things there, and sometimes I just can't believe that someone would pass along such wonderful treasures...

So, for the past couple of Saturdays DD & I have set off for the discovery shop.... and ohmy the bargains! They have the most incredible things set out for Christmas, we both have come home with some unbelievably cute stuff, and have not spent over $20 each time!

Just look at last weeks bundle of goodies:

The adorable snowman plate was just $4..... we will use it for cookies of course! And, there are two bags of ornies, the lavender colored ones I was going to paint roses on, but when I got them home I discovered they are covered in small "chicken-wire", but they will still be so sweet with ribbons on them! There are a couple of xmas hotpads in the back, which smell like cinnamon.... The pink bowls I just fell in love with....... I was thinking how pretty they would be with nuts, or candies, or even small Christmas ornaments displayed in them.......... And, the coffee cup & saucer, oh my, it has a heart on the bottom of the cup, and inside the saucer, and it is from STARBUCKS, and just $2! How could I possibly resist? Inside the cup is a very sweet Santa Bell who was just $1..... and not pictured were a pretty little turquoise necklace, a pair of aqua slacks, and a sweet pullover sweater to match! Uh, I tell you this shop is just dreamy..... I love it, love it! And, I so look forward to Saturday mornings now!!

The American Cancer Society is a wonderful organization, they are second only to Hospice in my heart..... {My dream is to actually open a Thrift store for Hospice one day} but the Cancer Society does such wonderful work as well...... I know that when Steve was first diagnosed, I called upon them when we were having transportation issues for him, and they jumped right in and helped us with whatever we needed! And the lady who talked with me on the phone just sat there and cried with me, a complete stranger, but, you could tell that when she said "I'm sorry" she really meant it....

They are an amazing charity, and honestly, if you happen to have a Cancer Society thrift store in your area, you really ought to check it out.......... Ours is having a clearance the 1st weekend in December when everything will be 50% off! I think I may camp outside the door the night before


DAY 14: I am giving thanks on this day for all of the wonderful, charity organizations who are there to help others, and those caring people who work for them and go "above and beyond" for us......

May God Bless you all..... today, and every day!


LBP said...

Hello from across the country! I too, love The Discovery Shop here in Virginia. They always have such nice things!

Love your treasures!


She'sSewPretty said...

I've never been to the Discovery Shop here. Now, I'm going to have to make the drive across town. You found some fun stuff. I love the pink bowls and that cup and saucer.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What a wonderful bunch of thrifty treasures you found! I just love how you are stating here each day what you are grateful for!

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