Saturday, June 9, 2007

I lovingly send forth these words for you today........ they are from the wonderful Helen Steiner Rice.......
Happy Sunday!

"Often during a busy day

I pause for a minute

to silently pray,

I mention the names

of those I love

And treasured friends

I am fondest of ~

For it doesn't matter

where we pray

If we honestly mean

the words that we say,

For God is always

listening to hear

The prayers that are

made by a heart that's sincere."

"Loving God, bless all my friends today and bless those who are not yet my friends, in other words, God, bless us one and all."

Friday, June 8, 2007

It's FRIDAY! And, we have a winner! THANK YOU ALL so VERY, VERY much for helping me with your responses ~ I so appreciate your time and opinions! As promised, I drew a winning name this morning........ and the winner is.......

Yaaay! Congratulations to you, Arlene! If you will please send your snail mail adress to me at:, I will get your gift out to you early next week!

Again, thank you all so very much! I truly love reading your comments every day........ and thank you for visiting!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

*A Poll & A Giveaway!*

So, you probably know by now, I enjoy making things........ be it sewing, or painting, I enjoy it~ I love it........

I also love selling my creations........ I have sold on eBay off and on for some 9 years now........ through blogging, I have learned about Etsy, but have yet to try selling there........ so, here is my question........ a "poll" so to speak........

eBay vs. Etsy

What do you think? Which one is better for selling on in your opinion? Which have you had success with? Do you do both? Which do you think is more "buyer-friendly"?

I really would like to know........ please post here and tell me what you think........

As a "thank you" for your opinions and help, I am offering a very-special giveaway! Simply post your "vote" and/or opinion here, and you could win a wonderful super special, top secret, "handmade" treasure........ from me to you....... just because.......It might be crocheted........ it might be sewn..... it might be painted........ you just never know, and I ain't tellin'! But I guarantee it will be one of a kind, and I really think you'll like it........ .I will draw a name in one week, on Friday, June 8th, from all who are kind enough to post a response here, and I will send out my special thank you gift!

So, come on, I know you like giveaways!

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