Thursday, January 3, 2008


Do you know my sweet friend Mary from Isabellas Closet?

She is an amazing lady....

I believe she is truly one of God's special "Earth Angels".....

She is incredibly talented, and makes the most beautiful things..........

She has the sweetest home, which she has decorated so gorgeous,
you would swear it was done by a famous designer......

She is just the kindest, most generous person one could ever hope to meet.

She is always the first to ask for prayers whenever she hears of someone ill or in need..........
Well, today my friends, I am here asking for your prayers for Mary.......

She is very ill and very sad, and I ask for your help in praying for her quick and complete recovery........
and for peace, comfort and strength for her.....

While searching around a bit tonight, I found the following exercise for sending Angelic Healing to someone from

I don't know if it works..........

but, honestly......

I don't think it could hurt!

Perhaps you will join me in sending the healing..........

or whatever good thoughts

and prayers you can for sweet Mary......

thank you so much!

May God Bless you!

Exercise: Sending Angelic Healing

Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit and relax.
Breathe deeply, allow your eyes to close and use your imagination to contact the angels of healing.
You may ask for healing for someone who is sick,
someone who is lonely or isolated,
someone who is grieving,
or for any human need that another person may have.
You may even send healing thoughts to someone who is quite well but who you instinctively feel may need a boost of confidence, joy, or inspiration.

Begin by thinking of the person whom you wish to send angelic healing.
You do not have to know them intimately or even know their name,
just focus on the information you have about them and trust the angels to make the connection with the right person.
If you do know this person well, then take a few moments to think of them, remembering how they look or how it feels to be in their company as well as acknowledging their current situation.
Ask the angels to surround this individual with healing energy
and provide them with the love and support required to facilitate a process of spiritual transformation.
Picture this person surrounded by angels of healing.
Each angel has a special gift to bring.
Some may cheer and comfort;
some may offer protection
while others may bathe this individual with golden rays of healing light.
If there is physical illness or disease,
imagine the light creating balance and harmony throughout the body.
If there is emotional distress,
the light calms and brightens the emotions and brings a new sense of hope.
If this person is recovering from an accident,
imagine the angels using the light
to disperse the fear and shock
that may surround them
and picture all breaks, sprains, burns or bruises healing rapidly.

Do your best to be as detached about the outcome as possible.
When you are engaged in absent healing, it is not always possible to receive direct confirmation of effectiveness.
Be content to send healing thoughts,
ask for the help of the angels,
and trust that the person in question will receive some healing or comfort.
The form that this healing may take will vary and so will the results.
All we can do is ask for the angels to intervene,
send our loving thoughts and surrender to the will of the divine.
If there is any practical support to be offered, you will be guided to do so.

Excerpted from 'A Company of Angels: Your Angel Transformation Guide' by David Lawson

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

So.... Happy New Year....... This is an Angel ornament I bought from the hospital gift shop on one of Steve's last stays.... Isn't she just beautiful? I bought her and hung her above his hospital bed, and so she has a special place in my heart.......

Here's hoping your new year will be the best ever, filled with love, laughter and prosperity!

Penny had asked in her comments on my last post about the little birdie ornies and how they attach, so I took a picture to show her..... they have a little clippy-thingy (such a technical term, huh?) attached to the bottom so they just clip onto the branch, which will make it very easy to find a place to display them I am sure..........

Well, New Years started very quietly for me.... DD was away to eldest son's home, and the younger boys were at a dance with our best friends....... I posted here, and then I sat here at home in my new jammies enjoying the sights of the tree..... and, yes, there were some tears, just as any holiday without my sweet Steve is.... but I really tried not to let it engulf me all night long as I have done before..... We all have delightful memories of him, and it just isn't possible to not go through a holiday without thinking of those times....... how he loved the Holidays..... I know he wouldn't want the sadness and tears, but I also know that he knows how hard it is here without him.....

But, as I said I decided to do things a little differently this year........ No resolutions........... it feels like when I do that I kind of set myself up...... and end up beating myself up if I don't follow through. Do you do that? So, this year instead of "Resolutions" I did "Reflections"...... I simply lit some candles (WoodWick candles by the way, which I will post about another time~ they are simply heavenly!!) and sat quietly thinking back over the year.......... not the tough times, nor the disappointments........ but, the JOYS.......... the LAUGHTER..... the days and the moments that if you could you would just freeze-frame and keep going forever and ever..... I'll bet you've all had times like that through your year, haven't you? Well, I must say, it made for a much more positive way to start off the New Year....

And of course I thought about the many, many things I am blessed with, and so very thankful for.......... One of those things being all the wonderful ladies I have met through my blogging.... what an amazing thing........ I have met some of the sweetest and dearest people whom I have laughed and cried with, just as they have done with me I am sure.......... and, talent....... oh my....such incredibly talented people I have met! And, one of the really remarkable things, is when one of those who I look upon as ultra-talented, actually sends me a note, or posts here...... ohmygosh, my reaction is how you would feel if a "celebrity" were to knock on your door just to say "hi".......... oh, and if someone who is just so, so incredibly talented and artistic should compliment my work, well, you might as well just call "the home" 'cause I just about go nuts........... Anyway, I do so enjoy doing this, I hope to do it for a long time to come, and I look forward to visiting with you all here and on your lovely blogs as well...........

Ok, so I got a bit "sappy" there............. it's ok........ Valentines Day is coming you know.......... and you just gotta Spread The Love........

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