Thursday, April 26, 2007

Well, here I am ~ back again! I've been out "visiting" this morning..... my blogging friends. I do try to see everyone at least once a week... ah, so many blogs, so little time you know. But, I love it when I get a chance to see them all...... well, technically I don't think you could ever see them all. I recently heard that there is a new blog started every second ~ can you just imagine that? Well, I am glad I started mine, and am so happy about all the new friends I have made in my "travels". And, it seems I am finding new ones all the time........ and one thing I have learned........... there are some really, really talented ladies out there!! Wow, I am just in awe of some of these ladies and their creations...... I love it! And, the lovely decorating ideas/examples..... the beautiful gardens.......... and the tutorials ~ oh, don't even get me started on those! And, the swaps........... oh and the sweet give-aways.... Oh my! I just love it....... But, mostly for me, it's the kindness........ there is just an incredible abundance of kindness here in "blogland" that just makes your heart smile.... and that makes me proud to say "I am a blogger".

p.s. sometimes I really do feel like a bit of a "ditz"...... I didn't want to post here for awhile, because I liked the last post so very much. I didn't want to "move on" from the inspiring words of Helen Steiner Rice... I wanted to keep them at the top of my blog for all to see....... Well, duh I finally decided I could take her words and post them on the side of my blog as a kind of daily reminder..... and of course I am still leaving the post, because I simply love the sweet comments you all post..... have a splendiferous day my friends!


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty said...

You really are sweet and I love visiting here!

PAT said...

Brookside Cottage is a wonderful place to visit!!

Back Porch Musings

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

So true what yoy say about blogging-it really is so worthwhile!!

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