Sunday, April 29, 2007

May I introduce you to.......

my newest "best~friend"?

I just love this guy........ I bought it recently at the Shelter Thrift Store, for just a mere $12.50!!!!!! And honestly, I simply love it! I have always loved to bake....... cookies, cakes, and especially bread! But, the bread, I really wasn't so good at :-(

Mostly the trouble was in the rising.... I never seemed to get it right...... but, now, oh ho! No more rising troubles........ and, how fun is this, you just simply put all the ingredients in and plug-er-in! Too, too easy!

Ok, and maybe I am a little strange {not everyone will admit that, ya know} but, I also enjoy watching this baby mix and knead the bread........ and, I am even more excited about this because it means I can still bake bread in the Summer without heating up the kitchen! This is so cool! So, today it's just me and my "Mr. Hitachi"...... the only drawback to this whole thing that I can see is the time it takes to make the bread........ but, I suppose anything good is worth waiting for, huh? Hmmm...... would it be strange to go back and buy another bread machine and have two going at once??

Well, off to visit the laundry pile and smell my bread baking........ wishing you a lovely Sunday......

"This is the day the Lord has made;

let us rejoice

and be glad in it..... Psalm 118:24


She'sSewPretty said...

You make me wish I hadn't given mine to my daughter. I never used it. I was too lazy. LOL

PAT said...

I love the smell of fresh baked bread. I've never had luck with making bread. I am a tad heavy handed. Anyway, that's what I was told!:-)

I don't know if I should have one of these machines. Bread is one of my "weaknesses"!


Isobel said...

Ahhh the scent of fresh baked bread... It's just amazing!
I need to buy one of those machines to me. :)

Cherub*Kisses said...

Hi Joyce,
I just linked to your blog from Amy@FourSistersInACottage .... Oh my goodness!! I so love your blog!!
I will visit often :)) Take care & God Bless! Dionne

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