Saturday, May 26, 2007

A *Proud Mom* Post

A couple of years ago, through our dearest friends, my three youngest boys got involved with a local Children's Theatre. They have since been in 6 productions, both as actors, and as Tech Crew.......... and, they truly love it...

Their most recent production, "Letters To The Past", has been going since March

I was also involved with this play, as the "costumer". My, what a chore! I have been madly laundering, mending, and ironing costumes for the past few weeks...........

This show was a "touring" show and so we traveled to several schools in the area, as well as a children's playland here in town called "Pixie Woods", which we visited last weekend

and just a couple of days ago the kids finished out with a performance at our local historical museum, which was the 14th time these kids have performed the show!

And I must say, these kids were incredible, and such troopers, sometimes we had to be at the schools by 7AM, the kids would dress and perform, then had to go to their school for their regular school day........ and then return to the school in the evening for another performance!
Sometimes these kids would have to play more than one part if someone else couldn't make it for that performance....... but they all just took it in stride, I was in awe of these kids! They ranged from 3rd to 10th graders.

My 2 older boys helped with all the set-up and transporting of the sets, and Luke (18) was also sound operator, and Mark (19) was Asst Director..........

My youngest boy, John, ( who is 15) played two characters............

This one, Billy, from the year 2049
And Chester, from the year 1870

It was a wonderful production, and I am so proud of my boys!

And, believe it or not...............

they are already rehearsing a new play for the Summer!
{So, stay tuned for further "Proud Mom" posts}


She'sSewPretty said...

Oh fun! My two oldest were in a children's theater when they were younger. I was stage mom also and sewed costumes, painted sets, etc. It was a lot of fun!

Cherub*Kisses said...

hi proud mama! what fun & what joy to see your "babies" doing their thing :)) i love it!!!

PAT said...

I can understand why you are a proud mom! Love this post!

Prayers for your friend, Amy!

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